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Subject: ANNOUNCE: SWORD V2.0beta (Re: Windowing system for djgpp)
Date: 6 Nov 1995 08:01:49 GMT
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In answer to all questions about a windowing system for djgpp, I put my
SWORD environment on FTP. 

SWORD (System of Windows for the ORganisation of the Desktop) is a graphic 
windowing system wich provides menus, dialogs, buttons, check boxes, overlapping
windows... under both djgpp and TurboC++. It can be programmed in C++ (in a Turbo-
Vision fashion). It is _very_ fast and produce quite small programs.

There is a demo, but a very few documentation at this time (working on it). Also,
some basic objects are still missing (editor object, scroll bars, standard
file dialog...), but you can already write small nice apps with it.

I put it either in :    in   /incoming/SWORD.ZIP      in   /pub/msdos/incoming/SWORD.ZIP

Get this .ZIP Archive, and the follow installation instruction :

	Create a Sword directory on you hard drive (C: for instance) :
	UNZIP The archive to this directory
	Follow C:\SWORD\DOCS\README.1ST instruction for other installation
	and testing considerations.

I'm waiting for your comments, and for any help in further extensions.

* Eric NICOLAS                                                   *
* 11, Allee du parc Georges Pompidou           Creator of        *
* 38100 GRENOBLE                          The S.W.O.R.D Group    *
* FRANCE                                                         *
* nicolas AT dsys DOT ceng DOT cea DOT fr                                       *

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