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Subject: Ez-GCC Trobles Solved, MY MISTAKE!
Date: 2 Nov 1995 14:58:15 GMT
Organization: University of Michigan Engineering, Ann Arbor
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Well, I hate to have to admit it, but the reason Ez-GCC didn't work
is because the user (ME) is an idiot that didn't read the manuals.
I always tell my students to read the documentation before asking
questions and now I fall prey to the same trap.  

I usually use the Unix version of gcc and for it all that is
required to run my code is 

	gcc -o myfile myfile.c

So I assumed the same for DOS.  However, as was pointed out by many
kind users, for DOS

	gcc -o myfile myfile.c
	coff2exe myfile

is required.  Everything works fine now.  I'll try to finish reading
the docs before I jump to asking other questions.  Thanks for all
the help.

Byron Newberry

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