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Subject: GRX20 doesn´t work, although 1.03m1 worked
Date: Wed, 01 Nov 1995 20:06:20 GMT
Organization: Rechenzentrum der Max-Planck-Gesellschaft in Garching
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Hi there.

I´ve been using LIBGRX 1.03m1 for developing a really stupid and simple application
that works on my 586 with s3 trio64 graphics card.
When switching to DJGPP v2.0b3 with LIBGRX2.0 and adapting the incompatible parts of
the program (changing GrTextOption->txo_bgcolor to GrTextOption->txo_bgcolor.v, 
kicking out font magnification) it compiled.
It runs (using 640x480x256, RGB-Color-Mode), but produces two errors:
 1. Mouse cursor is most red with some random Pixels in the lower right.
    Code fragment:
        if (!MouseDetect()) return 3;
 2. In text output containing periods '.' those are not written and the length is interpreted
     Code Fragment:
        static GrFont *font;          
        static GrTextOption *textset;
        textset=(GrTextOption *) calloc(sizeof(textset));
        textset->txo_font = font;
        textset->txo_bgcolor.v = WHITE;
        textset->txo_fgcolor.v = BLUE;
       GrDrawString("0.1", 4, 8,133, textset);
       GrDrawString("0",    1, 8,233, textset);
      [end of code]
I´ve no clue what´s the cause of this, so: please help (preferably E-Mail)
Yes, I know it´s beta software, so maybe look at this as a bug report.
                                                                                                    Thanks in advance

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