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From: Charles Sandmann <sandmann AT clio DOT rice DOT edu>
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Subject: Re: Some "stupid" questions from a new user
Date: Fri, 29 Sep 1995 08:15:33 CDT
Organization: Rice University, Houston, Texas
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> BTW, I use malloc(HUGE) instead of "int intarray[arraysize]".

On huge programs, this is probably a mistake with the default djgpp malloc
since it rounds up all requests to the nearest power of 2 before allocating
a bucket of memory.  So, malloc(8Mb+1) will actually require 16Mb of memory.
In V1 under DPMI the memory gets zeroed, faulting it all in, which causes
terrible performance.  In V2 we no longer zero sbrk()ed memory by default.
The easy way around this is to call sbrk() directly for large requests
which you don't plan to free() during program execution.

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