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Subject: Re: grx2.0 DOS/linux help
Date: 24 Sep 1995 22:59:08 GMT
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Brendan Simon (brendan AT rdt DOT monash DOT edu DOT au) wrote:
: I want to set my console to cbreak or raw mode so I can trap cursor keys
: etc.  Can I do this through the grx library or the svgalib calls.  If I 
: use the svgalib calls, how will it affect other grx2.0 lib calls????

I use the rawkeyboard package that came with svgalib,  ie <vgakeyboard.h> 
with grx2 and I have had no problems.  In fact I wrote some wrappers that
allow you to use the keyboard in both polled and getch-style modes at once.
Look at /pub/msdos/programming/djgpp/ in about 
a week for working examples of Linux keyboard input.

:I'm not sure if this is the right list to discuss grx2.0 library queries.
:Is there a grx2.0 mailing list ????  Or are other people using djgpp interested
:in grx2.0 for both platforms. (Linux and DOS) ???

I think you and I can sneak in here under the interests of djgpp relatedness.
Especially considering that grx is in beta,  problems in one environment 
may well be relevant to the other.

Good Luck With Your Projects,

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