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Date: Sun, 24 Sep 1995 14:43:16 -0400
To: Politics AT usa DOT com
From: MICHAEL STEEVES <msteeves AT beta DOT delphi DOT com>
Subject: Re: Proposed State & Federal Regulations for the INTERNET!
Cc: djgpp AT sun DOT soe DOT clarkson DOT edu

At 06:52 AM 9/23/95 GMT, you wrote:
>  My name is Scott Glasrud, and I am running for the New Mexico State Senate

>                                    The Scott Glasrud Campaign Committee
>                                    11024 Montgomery Blvd. NE, Suite 179
>                                         Albuquerque, New Mexico  87111

And yet you're posting from a Wisconsin provider.  Interesting.

Tell me, where should I send contributions to your opponent?  Anyone
who spams me gets the short end of the shaft.

msteeves AT beta DOT delphi DOT com	   |	msteeves AT delphi DOT com
	"Death Before Dishonor / Drugs Before Lunch"
		-Aspen Gun and Drug Club

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