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Subject: Re: [Q] Increase DPMI ?
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Date: Sat, 23 Sep 1995 03:43:53 GMT
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Charles Sandmann (sandmann AT clio DOT rice DOT edu) wrote:
: > The other problem - I think it's a problem - is that when I type GO32 in
: > a DOS window it reports that I only have about 2 megs of DPMI memory.  Now,
: > I physically have 8 megs of RAM.  I was under the impression that most,
: > if not all, of this would be available to Windows/DPMI.  

: Well, Windows eats up quite a bit of RAM itself, so you usually need to
: allow Windows to have a swap file at least as big as the physical memory,
: (in your case 8Mb) but 2 times memory is better (in your case 16Mb).

You can edit MSDOS.PIF using PIFEDIT to increase the amount of EMS/XMS
available to the DOS prompt. I would assume this would increase the DPMI
memory as well, but it is windows, so I could be wrong.
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