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From: car AT wwa DOT com (Chris A. Rodgers)
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Subject: installation of djgpp 112
Date: Sat, 23 Sep 1995 13:45:19 GMT
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I have downloaded the files for djgpp 112, but I have a few questions
about the installation:

I got the following files:,,,,,, and tons of sr and dc files (as well as make, flex, etc)

In the dj112m1.doc, it says that it will change modules bnu240bn and

Should I unzip ALL files (extras, src, docs, etc) and then do the mX
files?  If so, it would seem that I would be attempting to update the
bnu252bn with bnu240bn patches.  The same goes for lgp262bn with
lgp260bn patches.

Are the installation instructions for 112 out of date with the files
on the archive sites?

How should I install these zip files (please don't explain how to use
pkunzip, I know)?

Email or post her please.

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