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03:36:44 int86() in V2 (Hardgeus)
04:28:46 Windows Help files (A.Appleyard)
06:50:20 RE: Windows Help files (
09:39:58 Summary: Command Lines>2000 bytes? (Tilmann Haeberle)
09:41:58 GRX20.beta3 problem (Tilmann Haeberle)
09:42:45 Gdb (Torsten Schweigert)
11:02:42 Re: Gdb (
13:35:56 Re: Problem with crt0 and DOS format files. (Eli Zaretskii)
13:36:39 Re: DJGPP 112m4 crashes on QDPMI from QEMM 7.0 (Eli Zaretskii)
13:41:34 Re: Problems with linking of pure virtual functions (Eli Zaretskii)
15:39:00 Re: GRX20.beta3 problem (Tomislav Vujec)
17:26:40 HELP!! Need Com port Trace Program (A. de Jong)
18:35:11 binary output on stdout? (Christian Perle)
20:33:37 coreleft() in DJGPP? (Patrick Steele)
21:27:29 Re: binary output on stdout? (DJ Delorie)
21:28:28 Re: inline asm ? (J P Griffiths)
22:28:07 DJGPP, Pentium and 2.7.0.. (Jay Goedmakers)
23:27:38 Who knows this C version? (Kenwei Chen)

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