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Subject: Re: interrupt stops being invoked
Date: Wed, 13 Sep 1995 21:51:55 CDT
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> Make sure you do not compile with optimizations (esp. not -O3) as these 
> can shift code about. If your interrupt routine uses any static variables 
> (ie in the data seg) then lock these as well. 

All excellent observations.

> And a question. Is the stack locked? 

No, which is another reason I said just lock everything with the C wrappers.
Since you usually can't be sure where you will be on the stack when a
HW int/RMCB happens, you would need to lock the entire stack.  By the
time you lock the code, all the various data separately, and the stack,
you may have missed something (oooops - crash).  And trying to explain
this in a coherent fashion to a newbie - well ... lets just lock it all :-)
Maybe a flag someplace to bypass the locking for the wizards?

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