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From: Sherm.Pendley (grinch AT access DOT mountain DOT net)
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Subject: Re: DPMI question
Date: 12 Sep 1995 23:43:42 GMT
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>   mat AT ardi DOT com (Mat Hostetter) writes:
>  >>>>> "Steve" == Steve Larsen <larsen AT sal DOT cs DOT utah DOT edu> writes:

>      Steve> P.S.  Another quick one.  Today while trying to get this
>      Steve> working, I was hitting an interesting problem.  I was
>      Steve> getting a protection fault while loading a segment register
>      Steve> (es).  Are the segment registers somehow protected while in
>      Steve> protected mode?
>  Yes.  Only load legitimate selector values into segment registers.

This deserves some elaboration.  Loading an invalid value into a segment
selector shouldn't cause a GP fault.  Attempting to access a segment
through a selector which contains an invalid value does cause a fault.

At least, according to the documentation I have on hand...


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