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From: Marc Singer <!sapien!elf>
Subject: Patch8 w/binaries for RCSDOS
To:!sapien!!djgpp (DJGPP List Alias)
Date: Wed, 13 Sep 1995 22:05:38 -0700 (PDT)

I've just uploaded my most recent patches to RCSDOS.  I fixed a couple
of reported bugs and made RCS compatible with CVS which is soon to be
posted.  Watch this space for announcements.

Title:           RCSDOS
Version:         5.7-8
Date:		 12 September 95
Description:     RCSDOS is a patched, precompiled version of Walter
		 Tichy's Revision Control System.  It includes
		 enhancements to circumvent Un*x-like assumtions of
		 RCS such as: soft file links for finding log files,
		 appropriate CR-LF translation, and reading change
		 comments from disk files.  Included is a PATCH (Larry
		 Wall's) compatible unified diff of the changes to the
 		 standard RCS distribution.  The executables are
		 compiled with DJGPP v2.0 beta3.  
Keywords:        RCS revision control SCCS MS-DOS DJGPP
Authors:         Walter Tichy, Paul Eggert, Marc Singer <elf AT netcom DOT com>
Platforms:       MS-DOS
Copying-Policy:  GNU GPL

Marc Singer
elf AT netcom DOT com

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