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17:58:34 Re: Problems w/ v2 & SB-lib & X-lib (Charles Sandmann)
18:02:19 Retrieving structures from the transfer buffer (Lars Damerow)
19:03:24 Where have all the messages gone? (Aaron Ucko)
19:06:41 never mind (Aaron Ucko)
19:59:17 Re: No HUGE_VAL (DJ Delorie)
20:56:47 Can't find 'brk' in v2b3 (Shaw Carruthers)
22:01:15 Re: Can't find 'brk' in v2b3 (DJ Delorie)
22:53:34 Re: DJGPP XLIB library WARNING and new version uploaded (William Nolan)
22:53:44 Re: Serious V2 beta bug... (William Nolan)
23:53:31 Pause Key (Leroy Rakoski)
23:54:31 dpmi provider (Francois Richard)

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