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07:55:27 Re: Where can I find grx V.2 (Eli Zaretskii)
09:23:01 Re: fcloseall function (Charles Sandmann)
09:23:25 Graphics performance under v2.0 (
09:23:42 Re: GRX20 and recompilation (Charles Sandmann)
10:31:03 Callback Proceedure (Tim Hogan)
11:26:36 Re: Graphics performance under v2.0 (Jon)
12:17:07 Re: Graphics in v2.0 (Krzysztof Nowinski)
12:18:52 Re: djgpp under win95 (Nic Wise)
12:19:36 ETA on v2? (Nic Wise)
13:27:09 Version 2 beta 2 Bug reporting. (Steve Higgins)
14:37:47 Mode-X graphics library for DJGPP 2.0 uploaded (Paul Fenwick)
17:50:19 interrupt crashes (Brendan Simon)
17:55:01 Re: Graphics performance under v2.0 (Davide Rossi)
21:51:41 installing v2? trouble with inlines/pc.h (Lars Damerow)
21:54:07 fcloseall function (Bob Babcock)
22:00:15 interrupt stops being invoked (Brendan Simon)
22:00:33 reading myself under v2 (Bob Babcock)
22:51:16 Surprised by getcwd in v2 (Bob Babcock)
22:51:35 Unresolved djgpp_first_ctor (Bob Babcock)
22:58:40 emm386 woes (Bob Babcock)

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