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From: softbrek AT tabaqui DOT informatik DOT rwth-aachen DOT de (Hans-Bernhard Broeker)
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Subject: Re: Tar that converts unix to DOS line endings
Date: 4 Sep 1995 15:49:06 GMT
Organization: RWTH -Aachen / Rechnerbetrieb Informatik
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Skip Egley <egley AT albany DOT net> writes:

>Can anyone recommend a good tar executable for DOS.  I have tried a couple of them 
>and they do not convert the CR to CR/LF or whatever it is that DOS wants.  I had to 
>write a program to do it myself, but it's a pain to do it when there's lots of 
>files.  It would be nice for tar to do it automatically - isn't there one out there 
>like that?

But how on earth should it be able to distinguish text files from binary ones?
According to this sparc's man-pages, there's no such information in a tar file.
And why do you think you need this conversion, BTW? Most DOS editors can read
Unix-style textfiles (they normally convert them to DOS style when saving 
an edited version), and DJGPP can do so as well. The only applications I know
of that can't cope with CR instead of CR/LF are's internal command
'type' (and 'more', too, perhaps), and direct copy to a printer. These cases can
be handled seperately, if needed.

For these reasons, an automatic conversion might do you much more harm than you
would gain from it.

My alternative for personal system-to-system transfer is zip/unzip: these programs
are available in source form, and they *can* distinguish text files from non-text
files (on a heuristic basis, though). 

Hope this helps

Hans-Bernhard Broeker (Aachen, Germany)

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