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From: empty AT sans DOT vuw DOT ac DOT nz (Malcolm Taylor)
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Subject: Re: COFF file specs
Date: 3 Sep 1995 23:28:42 GMT
Organization: SANS, Student Access Network System
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References: <425sli$q4l AT krel DOT iea DOT com>
To: djgpp AT sun DOT soe DOT clarkson DOT edu
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Brainfried (unlisted AT email DOT adress) wrote:
: I'm writing an assembler for Intel 386+ Processors and would like to include an 
: option to ouput COFF files.  However I need the COFF file specs.  Could and one 
: Please Poast the specs or tell me where I can find them?

If you have djgpp then look at the include file coff.h. This has 
information on the structure of the COFF file, and should be enough to 
nut out the format. It was enough for me. If you need some help feel free 
to ask and I'll do my best.


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