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00:17:45 DJGPP V2.0 and Windows NT (Richard Young)
11:09:22 go32 reports... (Skip Egley)
12:15:22 Re: GCC/DJGPP Weirdness (structure padding stuff) (Jeffrey Taylor)
12:15:25 Documentation for DJGPP (DT)
12:15:35 Re: C.O.M.D Noise Level (Andrew Gillham)
12:15:40 Re: Windows programming in Gnu C/C++ (Pessach Ori)
12:16:04 using the new version 2.0 software for video images (
12:16:16 More stuff about LIBGRX 2.0 under DJGPP 2.0 (Styx)
12:17:45 djgpp as a cross compiler for 68hc11 (Radu Hociung)
15:13:43 argc and argv (Skip Egley)
16:14:42 Re: GCC/DJGPP Weirdness (structure padding stuff) (Morten Welinder)
18:15:44 Graphics lib for DJGPP? (Danny Yoo)
20:11:56 Re: SUIT (Antonio Costa)
20:12:01 HELP! info problem. (Justin Johnson)
21:09:42 argc and argv (Skip Egley)
21:10:03 Re: C.O.M.D Noise Level (DJ Delorie)

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