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Subject: Re: DJGPP V2.0 and Windows NT
Date: Fri, 28 Jul 1995 12:00:23 CDT
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> an option for me.  What I've been reading lately has discouraged me from
> Windows 95 and has  shifted the likelihood towards NT.  However, as I
> understand it, DJGPP V1.x will not run under NT as it does for me in a DOS 
> box under Windows 3.x.  Will V2.0 work without restrictions under NT?

Single images should run under NT with either V1.x or V2.0.  The problem
is NT does not support nested DPMI tasks - the nested task destroys the
parent task's state.  This means you can't use the 32 bit GCC driver or
32 bit make tools under NT (or Linux for that matter, same problem).  This
problem remains with V2.0.  There is a potential workaround but noone is
currently working on it.  The only fix for now is to use the real mode 
16-bit gcc and some real-mode-16-bit make.

I have found Win 95 to be very fragile (contrary to other opinions, less
stable so far than Win 3.1) and Win NT to be very stable (and I haven't
even installed 3.51 yet).  Win NT is slower, needs more memory, but will get 
rebooted 1/100th as many times when doing development.  Your milage may vary.

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