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From: degliesp AT cs DOT unibo DOT it (Giacomo Degli_Esposti)
Subject: help with error "not enaugh memory"
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Organization: Department of Computer Science, University of Bologna, Italy
Date: Fri, 28 Jul 1995 11:43:54 GMT
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Hello, I'm quite new to DJGPP and I have a problem:

I use GNU diff v1.15 under MSDOS. when I try to run it from a DOS window
in Win 3.1 I have this message:

	f:/[1]$ diff
	g:\bin\go32 f:\bin\diff
	go32 version 1.12 Copyright (C) 1994 DJ Delorie
	DPMI: Not enough memory (0x00410000 bytes).

This window is not a, but another MSDOS shell with this .pif

	*** sh.pif:

	Program Name    f:\bin\sh.exe
	Title           SH 2.1
	Parameters      -0
	Directory       f:\

	video mem       text
	memory          128     640
	EMS             0       -1
	XMS             0       -1

	Advanced Options: [ X = checked; O = not ]
	block EMS       O
	use hi mem.     X
	block XMS       O	
	block appl. mem O

I have 4 meg of RAM and 4 meg for Windows virtual memory.
From the shell I have:

	f:/[1]$ mem

	    655360 byte conventional memory
	    655360 byte available for MSDOS
	    544304 byte free mem.
	   7979008 byte EMS
	   4177920 byte free EMS
	   3145728 byte extended mem.
	         0 byte free extended mem
	   4182016 byte free XMS 
	           MS-DOS high

I looked up the FAQs: Q15.4 told to set 'PageOverCommit=xxx' in sys.ini:
it only changed the amount of EMS and XMS from 'mem' but it did not
change the error msg from 'diff'.

Please answer by mail since I will not be able to read this newsgroup
until september.

Thanks in advance...

Giacomo Degli Esposti.

degliesp AT cs DOT unibo DOT it

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