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00:27:51 Re: Inline assembler (Mat Hostetter)
01:13:25 Re: Byte Order (Andrew M. Langmead)
02:14:14 C++ exception handling and static template members? (Erik Max Francis)
03:12:29 Re: SUIT (Larry Granroth)
04:15:27 Re: Bug in V2 stream libs (Axel Thimm)
04:19:33 Re: running with 2 monitors (Mike Fitzgibbon)
05:11:34 MEMMAKER PROBLEMS! (Mike Gauthier)
05:11:47 graphics library (
07:11:51 Re: Equivalents for Borland-C's "outp" and "intp" (Megens SA)
07:11:54 Re: [Q] Making DJGPP use SEL:OFF (Eli Zaretskii)
07:11:58 Re: Text/Binary mode of stdin,stdout,stderr (Eli Zaretskii)
07:12:01 _iob and _ctype_ missing in V2 ? (Nick A. van Goor)
07:12:08 Re: problem with compiling other libs? (Eli Zaretskii)
09:14:42 Strange DJGPP Install Problem (Petri Lipponen)
10:12:40 gcc2.7.0 (Charles W. Kann)
10:14:54 Looking for a good VESA SVGA lib (Yellow Bean)
11:13:08 Re: Windows programming in Gnu C/C++ (Malcolm Taylor)
14:16:59 Re: GCC: Debug info bug? (again) (Gordon Hogenson)
15:07:59 CRT0.O not found !? (Gisle Vanem)
16:10:35 Re: [Q] DJGPP2. PC.H problems. (Jochen Scharrlach)
20:14:44 Latest GRX version? (

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