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00:07:07 Re: GNU-Make: DOS-paths (DJ Delorie)
00:07:10 Re: Text/Binary mode of stdin,stdout,stderr (DJ Delorie)
00:07:15 Re: Strange crashes in g++ (DJ Delorie)
00:07:25 Re: Inline assembler (DJ Delorie)
00:09:20 Re: HELP (Jeffrey Taylor)
01:11:34 Re: Bison? (Michael Allison)
03:16:28 Re: Freeware serial COM port library in C or C++? (John Hardcastle)
03:18:15 Re: Emacs on MSDOS (Morten Welinder)
04:13:31 GCC: Debug info bug? (again) (Megens SA)
04:13:47 Re: [Q] Making DJGPP use SEL:OFF (Long Doan)
05:11:10 Re: Inline assembler (Long Doan)
05:11:18 Re: [Q] Inline functions -- trying to do far call (Long Doan)
08:10:23 Compilation of p2c with djgpp (
12:13:37 Re: Strange crashes in g++ (Megens SA)
13:12:24 Another Virtual Memory Question (Paul Derbyshire)
13:12:40 That weirdest compile error (Paul Derbyshire)
14:08:13 Re: HELP (Paul Derbyshire)
14:08:17 Re: Another Virtual Memory Question (Charles Sandmann)
14:08:22 Re: Strange DJGPP Install Problem (Bob Babcock)
14:11:57 problem with compiling other libs? (Todd Muhlfelder)
22:24:14 Byte Order (Jere McDevitt)
22:24:22 Re: Weirdest compile error... Round 2 (Charles Sandmann)
22:25:54 Re: Virtual Memory question (Charles Sandmann)
23:09:06 finding ms-dos version 1 (`)

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