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11:20:39 Windows programming in assembler (A.Appleyard)
11:20:43 unresolved `pow' and `sqrt' (
11:20:45 Re: Windows programming in Gnu C/C++ (Marcus Franke)
11:21:08 Re: Fast FTP for V2 (EUROPE)? (Tomislav Vujec)
11:21:16 Re: unresolved `pow' and `sqrt' (Christoph Kukulies)
11:21:25 Windows programming in Gnu C/C++ (A.Appleyard)
12:17:25 Stand-alone djgpp-compiled programs. (JDShadley)
12:17:31 Interrupts in V2 (Tim Hesketh)
12:17:34 Execution of Data ? (I. Badcoe)
12:17:42 ASM->OBJ file format... (Erwann Corvellec)
12:17:51 Re: dxe_load not found (Charles Sandmann)
12:18:00 Re: Interrupts in V2 (Jochen Scharrlach)
12:18:06 Re: Interrupts in V2 (Charles Sandmann)
12:18:21 Re: Windows programming in Gnu C/C++ (Christoph Kukulies)
12:18:27 Re: Weirdest compile error I've ever seen (Charles Sandmann)
12:18:32 Re: Stand-alone djgpp-compiled programs. (Charles Sandmann)
13:14:30 Bug in V2 stream libs (Axel)
13:21:18 Re: Simple C or C++ speech synthesizer wanted (Kevin Ashley, Systems Development, ULCC)
14:14:23 Re: Execution of Data ? (DJ Delorie)
14:14:44 Normal ASM? (Sean Walker)
14:15:16 Re: Emacs on MSDOS (Kevin Gallagher)
14:15:31 Re: ASM->OBJ file format... (DJ Delorie)
15:10:55 C++ indent/beautifier (Jeffrey Taylor)
15:11:45 Bison? (ERTUNG BORA)
15:16:54 Re: DJGPP's stdout file (The Pinhead)
17:24:07 _iob and _ctype_ missing in V2 ? (Nick A. van Goor)
18:10:07 Objective-C questions (Billy Tanksley)
18:12:50 Re: Stand-alone djgpp-compiled programs (Jarrod Haas)
20:11:29 Possible GCC (v2.0-beta) bug. (Malcolm Taylor)
22:10:47 Re: Stand-alone djgpp-compiled programs. (Paul Derbyshire)
22:10:53 Passing long command lines to MKS programs (Joep Jansen)
22:15:53 Re: Stand-alone djgpp-compiled programs. (Paul Derbyshire)

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