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01:14:50 It is possible to use 24-bit graphics ? (Giovanni Resta)
05:18:49 Re: Redirecting gcc output in v2.0 (Eli Zaretskii)
11:18:59 Summary: My own include directory (1.12m4) (Thomas Eifert)
16:03:16 vram memcpy (George C. Moschovitis)
17:08:37 DPMI and graphics (Neil A Drage)
18:03:09 Re: emu387 with V2??? (Konrad Budych)
18:05:06 Re: DPMI and graphics (Charles Sandmann)
19:06:10 help on getting gnu c++ (madapoosi venkatesh)
19:13:23 Physical Memory Access? (Steffen Sledz)
20:07:38 Re: Physical Memory Access? (Mat Hostetter)
22:02:43 GNU i386 NT toolchain for test. (Steve Chamberlain)

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