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14:59:51 Re: djgpp and TCP/IP (II) (Eli Zaretskii)
14:59:54 Re: pointer question (Eli Zaretskii)
15:00:00 Re: emu387 problem (Eli Zaretskii)
15:00:15 Re: GNU make and shells problem (Eli Zaretskii)
15:00:19 Re: VESA driver (Eli Zaretskii)
15:00:58 Re: version 2 (Eli Zaretskii)
15:01:02 Re: DJGPP and gcc 2.7.0. (Eli Zaretskii)
17:06:35 Should I use DJGPP? (Christopher Michael Collins)
17:07:17 > 32 meg? (Wilson MacGyver)
17:58:48 Re: djgpp directory no longer available (John Covici)
17:59:10 Re: IN/OUT-question (Jochen Scharrlach)
17:59:17 Re: Problems compilling emacs (Morten Welinder)
18:01:41 -- Converts Texinfo files into RTF files (Christian Schenk)
19:04:17 Re: c++ comments (Morten Welinder)
19:06:38 CXX files in djgpp v 2.0, beta 1 (Count0Int)
20:00:36 Re: CXX files in djgpp v 2.0, beta 1 (DJ Delorie)
20:56:50 Re: Problems opening > 20 files when using FOPEN (Peter Horan)

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