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01:30:55 Re: PC speaker (Bill Currie)
08:51:20 Re: Does anybody know.... (Christian Schenk)
10:41:19 Re: fork()/join() (Mike McCarty)
10:41:23 Re: Help with TCP/IP package (Oliver Sturm)
11:39:49 Re: Emacs & DPMI (Eli Zaretskii)
11:39:51 Re: Net rudeness (was: fork()/join()) (Eli Zaretskii)
11:39:55 Paintbrush or similar: anyone got a source for it? (A.Appleyard)
13:39:00 Re: About DJGCC's BIOS CALL is capable under LINUX (Aaron Ucko)
13:39:05 Library IPX (Tomby)
14:38:22 Re: STRLEN(NULL) (Paal-Kr. Engstad)
14:38:27 Re: VOTE: CODE STANDARDS (Junaid A. Walker)
14:38:30 Re: usleep == sleep? (Aaron Ucko)
15:43:18 Re: usleep == sleep? (Ian Macky)
15:43:20 Re: VOTE: CODE STANDARDS (Junaid A. Walker)
15:43:24 Re: usleep == sleep? (Aaron Ucko)
15:43:39 Re: Editing the GDT (Kevin Meyer)
16:31:23 Re: Editor of choice (Jani Fikouras)
16:31:26 Re: Editing the GDT (Aaron Ucko)
17:32:42 Files Needed ? (George Boutwell)
17:32:45 Re: Editing the GDT (Charles Sandmann)
17:35:56 Re: New DJGPP Services (Aaron Ucko)
20:24:59 GDB PATCHES + GRAPHICS DEGUBBING (Berend de Boer)
23:30:53 DJGPP v.2 (Paul Wernick)
23:30:55 Re: Does anybody know.... (Christian Schenk)

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