Mail Archives: djgpp/1995/06/06/22:31:27

Date: Tue, 6 Jun 95 21:59:17 EDT
From: peprbv AT cfa0 DOT harvard DOT edu (Bob Babcock)
To: djgpp AT sun DOT soe DOT clarkson DOT edu
Subject: Re: Code Standards
Reply-To: rbabcock AT cfa DOT harvard DOT edu

> Look at the current (for a few more days) version of rename.c below.  What
> more comments do you want?

I'd want a warning that this rename() is very different than the one in the
current djgpp or most other DOS C compilers.  If you try to use it to move a
file to another directory, and the move fails because there is a file of the
same name in the target directory, that file is deleted and the move is
attempted again.  That's how I'd expect a unix rename to work, but a DOS
rename would just fail.

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