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From: davis AT space DOT mit DOT edu
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Subject: Re: Editor of choice
Date: 6 Jun 1995 16:40:51 GMT
Organization: Center for Space Research
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In article <3r0tng$3d1 AT news DOT belwue DOT de>, jscharrl AT ba-stuttgart DOT de (Jochen Scharrlach) writes:
 : davis AT space DOT mit DOT edu wrote:
 : > Not anymore.  Jed is now available from in pub/davis/jed.  I
 : > will probably release 0.97-9 this weekend.  The current version is 0.97-8.
 : > The differences are:
 : OK, I tried it. I, as a emacs-fanatic, have some positive and negative
 : comments about Jed:
 : + small, fast
 : + better font-lock than DOS-Emacs
 : - emacs has (of course) more functions, e.g. menus (even under DOS!)
Jed has a form of menus suitable for mouseless systems, e.g., dialup, that
get activated by pressing Ctrl-H ?.  It should say this at the top of the

 : - it's definitly different from emacs, e.g. I wasn't able to load a
 : library and couldn't get any hint from "apropos"

What libraries were you trying to load?  Jed will not read emacs lisp
libraries because it does not use lisp as the extension language.  The
intrinsic function is called `evalfile'.  `Ctrl-H a library' will not
produce this but `Ctrl-H a file' will.

 : Conclusion: If you want a small editor to write C programs or TeX
 : documents with a similar comfort as Emacs offers, take Jed. If you want
 : a huuuuge library of functions, a very reliable program and don't care
 : about disc space and memory requirements, take a look at Emacs. If Jed
 : wants to have the same functionality as Emacs has, it will grow...

I do not think it will ever grow to be as large as Emacs.  I do not want it
to.  I want it to remain small, fast, and functional.  Right now is is
slightly larger then vi on my SunOS system.  I intend to keep it around that
size.  Of course it will grow when I add async process support to it in
0.98.  However, my private version with such support indicates that there
will not be too much growth in the size of the executable.


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