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From: mikeb AT ssd DOT fsi DOT com (Mike Bates)
Subject: aspitar problem with DAT
Sender: mikeb AT dev1 DOT ssd DOT fsi DOT com (Mike Bates)
Date: Tue, 6 Jun 1995 13:41:03 GMT
Organization: FlightSafety-SSD, Tulsa, OK, USA
Keywords: ASPI,tar,Ultrastor,DAT,medium error
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I recently downloaded and installed aspitar and have had no success so
far either writing to tape or reading a tape written by a Unix system.
The commands and the result:

   C:\> SET TAPEID=0:3:0
   C:\> tar -tvf /dev/ct

   aspiread: errno: -16

-16 translates to a "MEDIUM ERROR", which I understand to mean that
the drive has encountered End Of Partition.  (Yes, the tape does have
data on it.  I verified it on a Unix system.)

I am running with the following hardware and software:

   Gateway 2000 4DX2-66V (486DX-66, VESA)
   MS-DOS 6.2
   Ultrastor 34F SCSI controller
   USPI14.SYS SCSI manager, version 2.04 (from Ultrastor's FTP site)

   On the SCSI bus (all internal):

   ID 0  Seagate 500MB hard drive
   ID 2  Toshiba 3401 CD-ROM drive
   ID 3  Wangtek 6200-HS DAT drive

Has anyone successfully used aspitar in this sort of configuration?
Any clues as to what the problem might be?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Mike Bates               FlightSafety International, Simulation Systems Div.
Principal Engineer       2700 North Hemlock Circle
Computer Systems Group   Broken Arrow, Oklahoma 74012
mikeb AT ssd DOT fsi DOT com        918-251-0500 ext. 597

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