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From: terra AT diku DOT dk (Morten Welinder)
Newsgroups: comp.os.msdos.djgpp
Subject: Re: Editing the GDT
Date: 6 Jun 1995 14:26:00 GMT
Organization: Department of Computer Science, U of Copenhagen
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Sender: terra AT tyr DOT diku DOT dk
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meyer AT shrike DOT und DOT ac DOT za (Kevin Meyer) writes:


>I want to be able to access an arbitrary chunk of memory.. [grin, to those of
>you who know why] placed at 13meg, linear, 1 meg long.

>None of the selectors defined by default seem to point to the GDT [Am I way
>off track?]

>How can I (a) either find the selector which points to the GDT, or (b) go
>about defining a selector which points to the arb memory in question?

Get FSDB from the alpha area at
It can list the GDT/IDT/LDT provided the DPMI host lets it do


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