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Subject: Re: Editor of choice
Date: 6 Jun 1995 06:48:16 GMT
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davis AT space DOT mit DOT edu wrote:
> Not anymore.  Jed is now available from in pub/davis/jed.  I
> will probably release 0.97-9 this weekend.  The current version is 0.97-8.
> The differences are:

OK, I tried it. I, as a emacs-fanatic, have some positive and negative
comments about Jed:

+ small, fast
+ better font-lock than DOS-Emacs

- emacs has (of course) more functions, e.g. menus (even under DOS!)
- it's definitly different from emacs, e.g. I wasn't able to load a
library and couldn't get any hint from "apropos"

Conclusion: If you want a small editor to write C programs or TeX
documents with a similar comfort as Emacs offers, take Jed. If you want
a huuuuge library of functions, a very reliable program and don't care
about disc space and memory requirements, take a look at Emacs. If Jed
wants to have the same functionality as Emacs has, it will grow...


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