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From: olesen AT weber DOT me DOT queensu DOT ca
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Subject: Re: Build MSDOS apps under Linux?
Date: 5 Jun 1995 23:26:17 GMT
Organization: Queen's University at Kingston
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References: <RICK DOT 95Jun5111827 AT rio DOT moneng DOT mei DOT com>
To: djgpp AT sun DOT soe DOT clarkson DOT edu
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In article <RICK DOT 95Jun5111827 AT rio DOT moneng DOT mei DOT com>, rick AT rio DOT moneng DOT mei DOT com (Rick Bronson) writes:
>  A while back I posted this question to the mailing list and got some
>help but now I'm stuck again.
>  I read ALL of the gcc info ("info gcc" from emacs) and couldn't find
>anything about MSDOS specified as the target for cross-compiling.

I remember reading somewhere in the Linux HOWTO documents that it is/was
possible to have a gcc cross-compiler that runs under Linux and makes a.out
files equivalent to those produced by emx/gcc.  I think that the final stub
binding step still had to be done under DOS or OS/2.

Sorry that is all the information I have, but it might give you another
direction to pursue.


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