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From: Ron Grunwald <RGRUNWAL AT wasp DOT cs DOT cowan DOT edu DOT au>
Organization: Edith Cowan University
To: teney931 AT cs DOT uidaho DOT edu (Aric TenEyck)
Date: Tue, 6 Jun 1995 15:13:56 GMT+800
Subject: Re: Gnu Assembler Question
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Aric TenEyck wrote:

>    A couple of them, actually:
> 1)  How do I do an SHL EAX, 16 in GAS?  SHL %EAX, 16 give an undefined 
> opcode error, as does SHL 16, %EAX.  I can do it by 16 SHL %EAX's, but 
> the chip can do multi-bit shifts at once, so that is wasteful.
> 2)  I don't suppose that there is a converter for Intel format to GAS 
> format, is there?

I have actually been working on such a piece of software for some 
time now. Currently I am roughly through developing about half of it, 
and it seems to be working pretty well so far. Mind you it only does 
simple translations at the moment.

Regards, Ron.

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