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From: Ron Grunwald <RGRUNWAL AT wasp DOT cs DOT cowan DOT edu DOT au>
Organization: Edith Cowan University
To: djgpp AT sun DOT soe DOT clarkson DOT edu
Date: Tue, 6 Jun 1995 13:53:59 GMT+800
Subject: Ladybug V1.02 launch problems
Reply-To: r DOT grunwald AT cowan DOT edu DOT au

Hi all G++ programmers,

Recently I've had big problems in trying to startup Ladybug V1.02. 
Consistently my machine would freeze up, and the GO32 topline info. 
would indicate 0x000001b0. This was attempted under DPMI using 
CWSDPMI beta3 as the host. The command line used was:

go32 -d ladydpmi tst_1

Running 'go32 ladydpmi' produced the error message "Unsupported DOS 
request at eip=1b0", the same address at which it appears to hang 
when invoked correctly. This has led me to believe that the conflict 
may be with software interrupts. 

Using Borland's TDMEM utility I was hoping to find a concrete 
solution to this. On another machine I found CWSDPMI hooking onto 
vectors 0x2f, 0xd0, and 0xda. With that Ladybug managed to launch 
just fine.
On my machine, CWSDPMI hooked vector 0x30, and that caused Ladybug to 
hang. Further investigating revealed eventually that Novell's LSL.COM 
and NETX.EXE were hooking onto vectors that CWSDPMI required. 
Removing those TSR's and running 'cwsdpmi -p' got Ladybug starting up 

Its hard to say what vectors Ladybug expects CWSDPMI to hook onto, 
since they appear to differ whenever I change machines. In fact LSL 
and NETX's conflict doesn't explain why my home Amstrad hangs at 
exactly the same address, as it has no network connections at all.

What I have ended up doing was to create a bootable DJGPP disk with 
minimum TSR's loaded. Those are HIMEM.SYS, ANSI.SYS, DOSKEY.COM, and 
CWSDPMI.EXE in that order. This combination has been very successful 
for me in starting up Ladybug. What the exact conflict was in the end 
I never really found out.

Regards, Ron.

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