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Date: Wed, 24 May 95 22:32:46 CDT
From: m-fuerst <m-fuerst AT cecer DOT army DOT mil> (Michael J Fuerst)
To: djgpp AT sun DOT soe DOT clarkson DOT edu
Subject: My first compile with 1.12

IToday I deleted 1.11 from my computer and installed 1.12

After installation I typed:

gcc -IDIRx:\myzmmo\ -WAll array.cxx bas2_arr.cxx base_arr.cxx test_arr.cxx > 

and what appeared in oops was

go32 version 1.12 Copyright (C) 1994 DJ Delorie
Error: This program requires a version of go32 (1.12.maint3) newer than this 

I then typed go32 and got

go32 version 1.12 Copyright (C) 1994 DJ Delorie
Lowest version I can run is 1.08
go32.exe usage: go32 [-d {debugger}] [{program} [{options} . . . ]]
go32.exe build time was Thu Aug 04 19:52:27 1994
VCPI (Expanded) memory available: 4856 Kb
Swap space available: 35652 Kb

I had installed the 4 maintenance releases, but when I 
I ran the first one 112M1.bat, it reported it could not find the 
files to delete  (the 1st two lines of the batch file), but seemed to do the
rest of its stuff ok.

I then ran 112m2, 112m3 and 112m4, none of which reported any errors.

What may I have done wrong?


Michael Fuerst

I then ran the 

Michael Fuerst
Construction Engineering Research Lab
Box 9005             Champaign IL 61826    USA                217-373-7273

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