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From: "WODRICH, M, M, WDRMAR002" <MWODRICH AT eleceng DOT uct DOT ac DOT za>
To: djgpp AT sun DOT soe DOT clarkson DOT edu
Date: Fri, 5 May 1995 11:19:22 SAST
Subject: Re: Checking for disk in drive

Recent replies indicate that one has to intercept the DOS critical 
error handler etc. Why is all this neccessary in DJGPP ? 

I wrote a simple program in Turbo Pascal (flame war on the horizon?) 
which lets you change drives to load stuff. Using the DOS routine 
ChDir lets you change to, say, the A: drive and testing a variable 
(DosError) tells you if an error occurred & what it was. There is no
"abort/retry/fail" garbage involved, just an internal error number....

Considering how simple TPascal really is, and that it uses standard 
DOS interrupt calls to do routines (like ChDir), can't DJGPP perform 
the ChDir function in a similar (graceful) way ?

I realise this discussion list is not meant for arguments about DJGPP 
vs. other languages, etc. but why use overkill and intercepts when 
there is a simpler solution ?

(I do love DJGPP, despite this rant...)
Mark Wodrich.
   _/_/_/_/_/      _/       Mark Wodrich
  _/  _/  _/      _/        Electrical Engineering Student
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_/      _/_/_/_/_/          Cape Town, South Africa.

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