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02:01:39 Re: graphics (Eli Zaretskii)
03:10:40 Headerfiles (Reimar v.d. Sand)
05:36:48 Re: Headerfiles (Eli Zaretskii)
06:24:25 GCC crashes in XMS mode (Eli Zaretskii)
07:03:08 VESA / libgrx problem [2] (Peter Geissler)
08:01:23 unsubscribe (Icon Advertising Ltd)
11:14:46 built in vesa driver (Christoph P. Kukulies)
11:27:29 Re: dtou and utod on UNIX computers (Olly Betts)
12:18:22 Re: GCC crashes in XMS mode (Eli Zaretskii)
12:22:50 Re: VESA / libgrx problem [2] (Eli Zaretskii)
13:04:12 fork() (Giorgos Adamopoulos)
13:29:26 Graphic-support (Reimar v.d. Sand)
14:17:49 Re: Q: go32 paging and memory management (DJ Delorie)
14:20:13 Apparent assembler problems... (Carl D. Burke)
15:32:38 Apparent assembler problems... (
15:54:29 Re: GCC crashes in XMS mode (John Lazenby)
16:51:53 Re: GCC crashes in XMS mode (Eli Zaretskii)
16:53:44 Re: dtou and utod on UNIX computers (Michael Feldman)
17:29:19 Re: VESA / libgrx problem [2] (Tilmann Haeberle)
17:44:06 Writing to screens etc (A.Appleyard)
17:48:42 True Color Graphics Possible? (Sven A. Havemann)
18:12:13 How to properly install djgpp? (Barnett C Hsu)
18:21:54 segmentation violation during gnu c installatation (Donald R. Harter Jr.)
18:33:05 Trouble installing DJGPP (Jack Duke)
19:30:35 info and remote terminals (J. Dashiell)
19:52:47 malloc bug? (Cuthalion / Sliced Bread)
20:00:23 `access still buggy (John E. Davis)
20:45:47 Re: Graphic-support (Ed Phillips)
21:12:18 topline info (Kimberley Burchett)
22:08:24 Compaq QVision VGA chip (john miller)
22:20:33 Compaq QVision VGA chip again (john miller)
22:40:11 symlink to g++ [was: Yet another subjectless message] (Stephen Turnbull)
23:03:05 Online documents (Munchkin)

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