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06:16:43 Thanks for rand() problems. (ZRS)
07:07:33 Re: Patch format files (Ack) (Ron Grunwald)
08:05:25 Re: Simple Graphics w/ DPMI? (Ron Grunwald)
09:52:13 Re: Problem with rand() (fwd) (Richard Young)
12:19:53 Correction to (Re: Problem with rand() (fwd)) (Richard Young)
12:29:20 NT & djgpp (DJ Delorie)
12:40:01 Re: Problem with rand() (fwd) (Bob Babcock)
14:23:03 Physical memory access (Jorge Casta\qo Aspas)
16:25:00 bug in movedata (or in gas), with fix (Dieter Buerssner)
16:35:16 Re: Using GCC for Windows apps/DLL's (
18:25:09 Re: Correction to (Re: Problem with rand() (fwd)) (Cuthalion / Sliced Bread)
19:49:51 Sequel: What's wrong with djgpp? (Wonkoo Kim, EE, U. of Pittsburgh)
20:08:05 Second release of alternate math library (J.T. Conklin)

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