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01:28:41 Patch files format (Ron Grunwald)
04:01:23 Keyboard Interrupt Handler (GimHong Tan)
04:14:49 Re: Simple Graphics w/ DPMI? (Ron Grunwald)
08:10:59 Building GO32 with BC++ 4.0 (
08:26:36 We also want 256-color dumps! (David van Senden)
08:41:47 The answer is memory (David van Senden)
08:58:03 DJGPP Windows support (
10:13:43 Large programs (Victor Essers)
10:57:47 Re: Simple Graphics w/ DPMI? (Tilmann Haeberle)
11:10:56 Using GCC for Windows apps/DLL's (Chris Tate)
20:15:12 Re: can gcc generate DLLs (DJ Delorie)
20:57:46 far pointers (Gordon Hogenson)

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