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Via:; Fri, 9 Sep 1994 16:35:47 +0100
Date: Fri, 9 Sep 94 16:30:22 BST
To: djgpp AT sun DOT soe DOT clarkson DOT edu
From: A DOT K DOT Heath AT sheffield-hallam DOT ac DOT uk (Andy Heath)
Subject: lgp260bn and lgp260dc
Sender: A DOT K DOT Heath AT sheffield-hallam DOT ac DOT uk

     I've been using the djgpp gcc 2.5.7 for some time, for c and c++.  As I 
intend using it with some students shortly I thought it was time to get the 
latest version.  However, since I last downloaded gcc several new things 
seem to have appeared in the archives that are not mentioned in readme.1st 
Can anyone advise me on their contents please ... I don't want to install 
the dc stuff just to read the documentation.  In particular, there is 
"lgp260" .... what's in it ? does this relate to gpp260 in some way ? do I 
need it ?

Also, there's gdb412 .... i guess this is a debugger .... does this change 
the way gcc works at all or is it independant ? (I don't want to install to 
find out).

Any comments on these two items are very welcome and will save me much time 
finding out the hard way.


Andy Heath

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