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Date: Thu, 8 Sep 94 15:21:45 CDT
From: leroy AT norland DOT com (Todd LeRoy)
To: djgpp AT norland DOT com
Subject: Help building cross compiler

I'm not sure if I should be asking here, or in one of the newsgroups, but
I'm stuck.  I'm trying to build a cross compiler, using a host of
sparc-sun-sunos4.1.3, and a target of i486-go32.  I have seen messages
about applying patches, and then doing a normal configure with the
above host/targets.  The GCC I'm using is directly off the FSF GNU
Source Code CD, May 94 edition (GCC 2.5.8).  The configure program
as shipped doesn't know about go32 as a target.  There is a file
"configure.bat", which appears to be a ms-dos batch file designed
to create "Makefile" from "".  However, I can't get it
to work on my system.  The "update"s run okay, but either something
goes wrong with the echos, or with the sed.  The sed I have is from
the djgpp distribution (1.11 maint1).  I'm not sure if this is
supposed to be a regular DOS batch file, or what.  The name is too
long for DOS (9+3), and is in unix format.  After renaming and
"unix2dos"ing, I still run into problems.  The problems are always
around running sed.  I get various errors, including "Batch file missing".
I almost appears as if the sed.exe is trashing something in memory.

Even if I get this working, I'm still somewhat confused.  I would
expect that somewhere I would need to do a "configure ..." with the
host and target as I mentioned above.  However, this batch file creates
a "Makefile" from "", but nowhere along the way am I
specifying a host or target.

I've tried to read docs, but am still missing something.  Can anybody
set me straight?


Todd LeRoy
E-Mail:  leroy AT norland DOT com
PHONE:   (414) 563-8456 ext. 354
US Mail: Todd LeRoy, Norland Corp., W6340 Hackbarth Rd, Fort Atkinson, WI 53538

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