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00:03:57 Game Programming (Is this ship sinking?)
03:02:57 Re: New stat() and fstat() for DJGPP (
03:10:10 Re: Missing rint()? (
06:02:59 Re: New stat() and fstat() for DJGPP (Howard Kaikow)
07:03:00 Re: New stat() and fstat() for DJGPP (
09:03:01 unsubscribe (TFC))
10:03:07 unsubscribe (Kim Thomas Hansen)
10:08:08 Screen-dumping (Victor Essers)
10:10:06 SUIT+SRGP compiled under DJGPP (Victor Essers)
10:11:18 Brief digest (Victor Essers)
10:12:34 DJGPP on Pentium (Victor Essers)
11:03:08 RE: Brief digest (John E. Davis)
12:03:49 Re: Game Programming (Antonio Carlos Moreirao de Queiroz)
12:10:36 Re: Brief digest (
12:12:09 Re: Brief digest (
13:04:58 DJGPP under 386max (Is this ship sinking?)
14:04:26 Re: SUIT+SRGP compiled under DJGPP (David Svensson)
15:03:55 Re: DJGPP on Pentium (Dan Nelson)
18:04:29 ScreenGetChar (John E. Davis)
19:04:07 further adventures doing 386 cross-compiles... (Marty Leisner)
20:04:34 unsubscribe (Michael Weber)
22:04:12 gdb, fsdb <problems> (Is this ship sinking?)

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