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00:02:35 1.12.maint1 - fourth try (DJ Delorie)
01:02:19 Re: 1.12.maint1 - fourth try (A. Bryan Curnutt)
02:03:09 Re: 1.12.maint1 - fourth try (Bob Babcock)
05:01:28 Re: 1.12.maint1 - fourth try (Henrik Storner)
05:11:33 Silly me - and TZ defaults (Henrik Storner)
06:01:22 Stand alone info program (Dominique de Waleffe)
07:01:23 Locking pages (Martin Oldfield)
11:03:21 Bug in getenv() ? (
12:02:13 Re: Stand alone info program (DJ Delorie)
12:15:42 Re: Locking pages (DJ Delorie)
12:16:59 omnigate access (Steven Schramm)
12:18:16 djgpp version of pov (Emmanuel Anne)
12:19:40 Bug in getenv() ? (Dominique de Waleffe)
13:03:35 Use of djgpp (Emmanuel Anne)
13:11:31 Use of djgpp (Emmanuel Anne)
13:12:49 Diffs for gcc/gas/etc. (Brian Gerstel)
14:03:26 Re: Bug in getenv() ? (Bob Babcock)
14:14:19 Emulators and other problems (BENJAMIN A CASH)
15:03:22 Re: Bug in getenv() ? (DJ Delorie)
15:18:52 Re: Emulators and other problems (Bob Babcock)
15:20:21 Re: djgpp version of pov (Edwin Phillips)
16:04:57 gcc, DPMI, and DESQview (Steven Schramm)
16:17:06 Re: Emulators and other problems (Gordon Hogenson)
18:03:29 Re: gcc, DPMI, and DESQview (Marty Leisner)
21:02:22 Re: 1.12.maint1 - fourth try (Cave Newt)

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