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05:01:07 Re: New time routines (
05:38:32 Re: New time routines (Henrik Storner)
05:39:35 Use of djgpp (GianPiero Puccioni)
09:01:10 unsubscribe (TFC))
09:09:22 Re: Use of djgpp (Paul Harness)
09:10:40 stat() is broken! (dj112m1) (
09:11:57 libsrc\c\gen\mktemp.c patch (solves tmpnam bug) (
10:01:11 112 bugs (Grzegorz Jablonski)
10:12:23 bug in scanf() (David Ronis)
11:01:55 Re: asm interface (Marty Leisner)
12:04:14 require a driver for spaceball (Chin Zhou)
12:09:05 Re: bug in scanf() (
12:10:29 require a driver for spaceball (Chin Zhou)
12:12:01 Re: bug in scanf() (
12:13:29 Re: bug in scanf() (David Ronis)
13:04:29 Re: bug in scanf() (Fulvio Corno)
13:11:37 Re: bug in scanf() (DJ Delorie)
13:14:35 Re: bug in scanf() (
15:02:13 Re: asm interface (Kimberley Burchett)
15:12:06 -m486 (WU DAVID S)
15:13:17 Re: bug in scanf() really in fflush(stdin) (David Ronis)
21:01:19 libgpp ofstream bug? (Dong Liu)

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