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Subject: Re: a question of emacs
To: jeng AT thumper DOT bellcore DOT com (Fureching Jeng)
Date: Tue, 12 Jul 1994 18:30:36 -0600 (CDT)
Cc: djgpp AT sun DOT soe DOT clarkson DOT edu
From: mcastle AT umr DOT edu (Mike Castle)

Amazingly enough Fureching Jeng said:
> I posted a message about emacs and djgpp and got no answer. I am just
> wondering that anyone uses emacs with djgpp. If you use emacs with
> djgpp, please tell me which emacs you use. I had a problem using
> oemacs with djgpp. (I grabbed oemacs from simtel) 
> The thing is that go32 comes with oemacs is an old
> version and oemacs doesn't like version 1.1 of go32.

Actually, I *think* the version of go32 with oemacs is a special
version modified to handle some necessary special feature of

You need the special go32 for oemacs, and standard issue go32 for
normal djgpp stuff.

Couple solutions:

1) Try binding the special go32.exe to oemacs (using exe2coff to
strip the old stub, then coff2exe to bind the special go32.exe)
However, I seem to remember the author saying this wouldn't work
as the special go32 doesn't know how to handle being bound.  I
may be mistaken on this point though.

2) Strip the stub.exe off the oemacs.exe file using coff2exe.
Then rename the special go32.exe to oemacs.exe.  Then as long as
oemacs.exe (the special go32.exe) and oemacs (the coff
executable) are in the same dir, typing oemacs *should* load the
appropriate coff executable with no conflict.

3) Make sure the standard go32.exe is first in your path, then
create an emacs.bat file that *explicity* calls the special
go32.exe with the appropriate coff executable (after being
stripped of the stub with exe2coff).  Ie, the emacs.bat would be
something like:

c:\oemacs\go32 c:\oemacs\oemacs

where \oemacs\go32.exe is the special go32, and \oemacs\oemacs is
the coff executable.


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