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03:23:56 Re: Anyone seen a device-independent graphics lib for djgpp? (Matthias Burian)
05:23:56 Graphics LIBs (Stephen Turnbull)
10:29:07 Help about '?' in command line arguments of my exe files (
10:31:51 Re: Graphics LIBs (U-E59264-Osman Buyukisik)
11:30:07 srgpsph2.arj, srgpsph3.arj (Christoph Kukulies)
16:28:05 bug tmpnam() in djgpp 111m4 (Pierre Willard)
17:30:50 go32+qdpmi (Bob Babcock)
17:31:21 Re: Problem with generated assembly code (Robert Dewar)
17:31:31 subscribe mailing list (jacques belle)
17:31:40 Re: Re DJGPP speed (
17:31:51 Re: go32+qdpmi (
17:32:01 Re: Re DJGPP speed (
17:32:11 Re: storage allocation of global var (Chris Mr. Tangerine Man Tate)
17:32:21 Re: storage allocation of global var (Wonkoo Kim, EE, U. of Pittsburgh)
17:32:41 Problem with generated assembly code (Douglas Rupp)
18:26:39 octave (Robert Fairchild - EECS)
18:29:26 Re: Graphics LIBs (Peter Horan)
19:32:13 getting through? (SGW46959M101@HUEY.MILLERSV.EDU)
20:25:15 getting through? (Jianxin Chen)
20:25:44 Problems with Curses (By the way which one's Pink)
21:27:37 RE: go32+qdpmi (Doug Duchene)

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