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12:25:07 Re: Docs for DJGPP v1.11 (Marty Leisner)
15:24:34 Fatal DOS Memory error using _go32_simulate_int (Gordon Hogenson)
20:25:46 2 questions about (rduran@cs.ep.utexas.EDU)
20:28:00 graphics on OS/2 (rduran@cs.ep.utexas.EDU)
20:30:27 Soundblaster interface ??? (Alwin Beukers)
23:24:15 Re: graphics on OS/2 (WONKOO KIM, EE, U. OF PITTSBURGH)
23:24:43 Re: 2 questions about (WONKOO KIM, EE, U. OF PITTSBURGH)

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