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00:26:33 Gcc and MS-Windows (Douglas Rupp)
03:23:57 BC++ 4.0 and DPMI woes (The Pinhead)
03:26:08 SUBSCRIBE (Tom White)
05:24:50 UNSUBSCRIBE (Jens Matthes)
05:26:48 UNSUBSCRIBE (Eddy Kim)
09:24:24 Using real-DOS memory (
10:26:46 Re: Gcc and MS-Windows (DJ Delorie)
10:28:58 Re: Using real-DOS memory (DJ Delorie)
11:25:38 Re: Using real-DOS memory (Bob Babcock)
11:28:05 Re: gnu make woes (Mark Allen Potter)
12:31:03 unsubscribe (Markus Alefeld)
15:27:27 Re: Docs for DJGPP v1.11 (Marty Leisner)
17:29:37 shelling to DOS (Bob Babcock)
17:31:46 Re: Docs for DJGPP v1.11 (Stuart Herbert)
19:25:15 Re: gnu make woes (Mark Allen Potter)
19:26:59 Re: gnu make woes (Jonathan Ryshpan)
20:26:19 Re: uploads to cygnus - dll, farptr, V2.0 src (DJ Delorie)
23:24:41 fastest memcpy? (DJ Delorie)

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