Mail Archives: djgpp/1994/04/12/21:27:09

Date: Wed, 13 Apr 94 10:42:13 CST
From: michaels AT vsl DOT com DOT AU (Michael Snoswell)
To: djgpp AT sun DOT soe DOT clarkson DOT edu
Subject: Re: serial port driver from aeasy102 hangs?

> I'm trying to use aeasy102 to send and receive characters through a
> serial port.  It works, mostly, but occasionally decides that there is
> no data coming into the serial port when there definitely is, and gets
> stuck in this mode.  Here are some specifics:

I use aeasy102 at up to 56kbaud no problems (my machine has 8250 UARTS). 

*But* on some machines it simply refuses to work and I have to run Telix or 
some other com program to set the UART. I think the DOS mode program doesn't 
do a "thorough" job of resetting and setting the serial port. These other
machine usually have 16450s or 16550s.

	Michael Snoswell

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