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Subject: Re: uploads to cygnus - dll, farptr, V2.0 src
Date: Fri, 08 Apr 1994 17:53:34 -0700
From: Darryl Okahata <darrylo AT sr DOT hp DOT com>

> I expect that the future will require some form of public DPMI 1.0
> host to satisfy the masses.  Charles Sandmann has mutated go32 into
> enough of a DPMI provider to run V2.0 apps, but it's not a good
> solution (one app per go32 still).

     Note that Windows 3.1 is a DPMI 0.9 provider only.  Who knows what
Windows 4.0 does, but I'd be willing to bet that it still has DPMI 0.9.

     Does this mean that future DJGPP programs will not work in a
Windows 3.1 DOS session, because DPMI 1.0 is required?

     -- Darryl Okahata
	Internet: darrylo AT sr DOT hp DOT com

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