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From: Michael Castle <mcastle AT umr DOT edu>
Subject: Re: uploads to cygnus - dll, farptr, V2.0 src
To: dj AT ctron DOT com (DJ Delorie)
Date: Fri, 8 Apr 1994 09:34:35 -0600 (CDT)
Cc: djgpp AT sun DOT soe DOT clarkson DOT edu

Amazingly enough DJ Delorie said:
> This is the current working copy of the sources to djgpp version 2.0.
> It does not include any executables, and no sources for any GNU
> programs.  Just the stub loader, libraries, and includes, plus a few
> utilities.  This is only for people who want to help work on V2.0 and
> is not intended to be an official release.  You can use 1.11's
> development tools to build this, and use this to build running
> programs (no extender or BCC required!).  V2.0 apps require DPMI at
> the moment.

This is amusing... I remember it taking forever to convince DJ to use DPMI
at all... and now it's required?  hurm....

Any technical comments on why you chose to make DPMI a necessity?  Is it
just easier to use DPMI to provide the services than writing your own?  So
you can concentrate on writing libraries that use DPMI system calls (rather
than having to use go32 to do that)?  Are the services provided for by DPMI
richer than VCPI?

Or is any of this discussed in the source?

Have you thought about or written any papers on all this for any magazines?
This is some impressive stuff you're doing DJ... and I think would be good
material for an article some where....

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